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Learn how to overcome analysis paralysis by building a real business. Not just theory

Avoid Pitfalls

Shorten your learning curve and get deals done in the process so you don't waste time making the same mistakes most newbie investors do


Learn how to leverage your time and money with the support of a coaching team with over 16 years experience Quick Turning Real Estate

Deal Finders School


Deal Finders School

Jumpstart your REI Success by learning how to Find Motivated Sellers. This 30 day program will help you find deals for any residential niche including landlording, rehabbing, subject 2 investing, wholesaling.

Think like a wholesaler to jump-start your real estate investing business.  Deal Finders School will teach you how to find bargain deals and motivated sellers while building a turnkey lead processing machine.

What’s included:

30 day access to a mentor

Finding Motivated Sellers Quick Start course online

Live calls/webinars for students only

Resources, tools to help you grow


Requirements to join:

Be Coachable!

Access to a computer/tablet

Access to a cell phone

Be Ready to take massive action!

No previous Real Estate experience needed.


In this 30 day session we will:

Help you navigate deal finding

Share apps, resources, and tools we are using to automate and systemize our business

Help you locate motivated sellers


COST: $99

Wholesaling Decoded Action Group

Become A Member

Wholesaling Decoded Action Group

Need more hands-on coaching?  Work with a team to learn how Wholesaling can be applied to all areas of Real Estate investing. You don't have to flip houses, but you do have to find deals  Use what you learn to find houses to wholesale, buy and hold, rehab & flip, or creatively finance.  

What’s included:

Deal Finders School 

Action Group Coaching program

Weekly coaching calls/webinars for coaching members only. 


Requirements to join:

3 month minimum commitment

Be Coachable!

Be Ready to take massive action!

Previous real estate experience a plus but not required.

Cost: $897 

Private 1-1 Coaching

Apply Below

Interested in 1-1 Coaching for Wholesaling, Creative Financing (Lease Purchase/Owner Financing/Subject 2), or Short Term Rentals (Student Housing/Airbnb)


Requirements to join:

Pre-Application & Interview

6 month minimum commitment

Be Coachable!

Be ready to take massive action!

Previous Real Estate Experience is ideal  

$1000 minimum marketing/business building budget

(Space is limited in this program, we can only accept a few students at a time)

Note: We do not offer 1-1 coaching for Rehabbing/Real Estate Fix & Flips at this time. However we suggest you join our Deal Finders School or Wholesaling Decoded Action Group to learn how to Find Motivated Sellers and build a turnkey lead processing machine to help you on your way. We can also refer you to great REI resources including lenders,real estate pros, and other resources  if that is your main focus. Email us for more info.


Submit this application & we will call you to schedule a 1-1 interview

"Angela is a knowledgeable, and a supportive coach. The information, resources to tools and web links were very useful and practical. The homework helps in bringing the lessons together and gives me hands-on experience in getting started."

Safia Marks

"This course in combination with Coaching from Angela is good foundation to start in the right path for REI Investing for Wholesaling and Marketing"

Sri Gandla

"The coaching program is excellent. For those of us just starting in the real estate business it is exactly what's needed. I have taken 2 real estate 'boot camps' but I still needed that 'push' and additional know-how to get started, and this coaching program has done that. I particularly appreciate the weekly accountability and coaching calls, I consider them essential for keeping me on point & they also give me opportunities to gain more knowledge about the business. And I cannot express enough my gratitutude for the affordability of the courses, money is tight nowadays and it's great to be able to learn and grow without going broke! And it's obvious that Ms. Benjamin and her staff know their stuff, I am confident that with my hard work and their expertise I will be successful!"

Jeremiah Taylor

A Little About Me

Hi I’m Angela! I started investing in real estate in 1999. I am a native Washingtonian, been married for 17 years, have 5 children, and love music, travel, teaching and inspiring. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 25 years and eventually would like to help build schools that focus on the arts & entrepreneurship for young people all across the world. I also teach real estate investing for teens in the Washington DC area.


I come from a financially poor but spiritually & intellectually rich family. We lived in section 8 housing, received food stamps, WIC, borrowed milk, eggs and butter from our neighbors and went to the food bank for free groceries my entire childhood. However, my Mom and Step-Dad instilled in us that education, faith, and work are the keys to our family creating a legacy.  They introduced us to Les Brown, Carleton Sheets, Robert Allen and more inspirational and entrepreneurial minds before we were 12. They believed that wealth building was not just for the rich. It is a state of mind, and attainable to all who truly want it.


Though I can honestly say that watching my broke parents get into real estate was enough to almost make me not want to be a property owner. I didn’t realize that there was so much more to real estate than fixing leaky toilets and that you didn’t have to be rich, have perfect credit or come from a specific side of town to invest. So I ventured into buying a few tax sale certificates back in 1999 for a couple of hundred dollars. Through the ups and downs of trying to get my friends and family to invest with me, I learned that there was an entire buffet of real estate investing techniques for every type of investor. Since then my family and I have been learning, doing, and sharing along the way from rentals to wholesaling, to rehabbing and now building an organization using the E-Myth principles.


Where I come from, most people have never been exposed to the education we have received since becoming adults. It’s our mission to bring it from the expensive and exclusive bootcamps and closed door meetings to people who come from lesser means, lack of opportunity and beyond. I myself am still a student, and always will be. I am still learning from my past failures and my success.  I share my story to encourage you that if I can do it, so can you.


This business is for everyone, and it can change your life. I don’t drive a fancy car, have a yacht, or a jet. I don’t have a million dollar get rich quick story. I am a stay at home Mom  who hasn’t had to take a job in the last 18 years because of our small real estate business. Though I still have to work hard to pay the bills. The great thing about it is that I am the boss and don’t have to call in slick when my children need me.  I have been able to be a Mom first and that’s most important to me. I am not a guru, but a do-ru. I am willing to share with you what I know, and show you where to go for what I don’t. If you want to jumpstart your real estate investing business today then I invite you to join the group that best fits your needs here. 


Take action on your dreams.          There is no time like the present! 

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